Monday, April 16, 2012

Garret Shwalsh: Spider Hunter

*****Nat Fratia--Do not read any further*****

         I'm not sure if it is just a seasonal thing, or if it has something to do with the renovations G was working on in the basement, but we have some new tenants.  The 8 legged kind who try to attack me Psycho style in the shower.  shudder.  It is now at the point where I can almost hear Garret rolling his eyes when I screech from one room or another.  Yesterday he killed 6 for me and made up a song to the tune of  "I'm the Cash man" about being  a spider hunter.  We both agreed that "zombie hunter" sounded cooler, but I'd rather have a spider problem than a zombie problem to be honest.

I hate to say that I am scared of spiders, cause I feel like that sounds like I shouldn't be old enough to own my own home, but still....that's just life I guess.  I am fine that they exist, I would just like them to exist in places that I don't eat, sleep and shower. (so anywhere outside is fair game!)  G keeps telling me that now that all the spiders are dead (for now) that in a month I am going to start complaining about having a fly problem.  Honestly I don't like bugs of any sort, but I don't feel like a fly is going to creep up on me while I am showering or relaxing on my couch.

Anyone else having this issue this time of year?  Do you think they are just all ganging up on me cause of  the bathroom incident?


Natalie Fratia said...

I haven't even read it yet- Thanks for the warning!! LOL

kimberly said...

oh my goodness.. you crack me up!! you should have seen the long large centipede that ran across my floor last night causing me to scream. Seriously so happy i have cats!!! spiders and bugs are just toys for them ;)

Melissa said...

I've got a centipede problem. Yetch. They make my skin crawl. If I see one scurry across the floor or up the wall I will not rest until I find it and kill it. I too am convinced that creepy crawly will come and get me while I'm chillin' on the couch or sleeping in bed... *shudder*