Sunday, March 11, 2012

oh, hello there

When we moved left the city and our apartment for our new life as homeowners I started a house blog to show family and friends all the good and exciting things that were going on with our house.  And since I didnt want to direct all those people over here, I think my other blog kind of took over. And I have since neglected little Echo since JUNE.  Doesn't seem that long ago, but with the promise of spring finally in the air today I am realizing just how long ago that was. I miss blogging with a voice sure that no one I knew (other than a few girlfriends) would be reading.  I think I may have to come back so I can have some form of an unmonitored outlet. Sooooo...let's just say "Im back"

 It is funny thinking that I have been blogging for my whole life in someway or another.  I had another old blog from 2003-2007 that if I could remember the password to I would go back and delete it all.  And prior to that I did it the old school way.  Back in the good old days I believe it was just called journalling.  A few weeks ago I was at my Mum's place going through some boxes and drawers of my old stuff.  I found some old journals---thinking that it would be such a treat to read and catch a glimpse of my younger years I brought them all home and proceeded to flip through them.  And learned that I was pretty much a confused, boy crazy kid, who grew into me.  What do I do with these journals now? I don't feel like I can throw them out, they contain my entire teenage angst experience. However, do I keep them? I dont think G needs to uncover the full crazy that was younger me (he gets enough of that being exposed to me at this age HA..30 is the new 15 when it comes to insanity apparently)  I think I need to just find a new treasure chest to keep in our home...or perhaps take them back to my mums where they can resume their dusty existence in boxes with photos from high school and other random life glimpses I can't seem to throw out. 


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