Sunday, March 18, 2012

I should know by now

Whenever Garret starts a sentence with "Babe...don't be mad but" I should know that he is up to no good.  To set the stage, earlier today I was in the living room doing homework and G was upstairs painting the hallway.  Suddenly  I hear "Babe, don't be mad but, can you come upstairs and hold the paint tray" I should not have been surprised to come up the stairs to see this


I am a worrier by nature so that stuff freaks me out. ALSO I don't want to be dealing with my beloved and his two broken ankles from falling down the stairs.  He is crabby enough when he has a cold, I would likely smother him in his sleep if I had to listen to him with broken appendages.  His response was "Babe don't worry...blah blah something about being buff...blah blah"  I stopped listening and just held the paint tray with a rising level of anxiety until he came down. 

ImageSee the top of the door being way below...picture all the stairs he would fall down should he slip. I am not a total crazy person? right? right? hello?

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