Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Charlotte's Web (of my bathroom)

I shall begin this post with a somewhat pathetic admission:  I am a scardey cat.  When G is away over night I have to gather up the courage to shower...and I may or may not sleep with the hall light on. (don't judge me people!!! It comes from watching too many episodes of Criminal Minds and so on) story: Last night G stayed in the city so I pumped myself up to take a shower.  Mid hair wash, I caught something moving out of the corner of my eye.  There was a spider (ew) on the ceiling right by the fan.  I told him that I had my eye on him, and he best stay put.  I felt brave and had a brief moment of  thinking "oh Julia you are so brave ha ha stupid spider". I think he sensed my thoughts, as the next thing I knew he  was running full tilt across the ceiling towards me.   I may or may not have had a total freakout at this point (brave Julia had left the building/shower)  I don't really like bugs at the best of times.  However...if I am naked and there is a bug's that much worse for some reason.  My defence mechanism of girlish shrieks obviously worked for instead of rappelling onto me, he came down just outside the tub.  Which was awesome for about 2 seconds until I realized that my towel AND my PJs were on the floor near where he landed.  Now, much like my friend Nat, I need to SEE it. I would have been trapped in that shower all night cause I would have worried it was in my towel or clothes. So I ripped back the curtain and saw him skulking around on the bathmat.  I folded it over and smushed him against the tub, shuddered a few times, and then looked up.  And apparently this guy had a buddy.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="487" caption="        "Remember that time you squished my buddy? do I !"                                              " *lies in wait til I am sleeping."]Image[/caption]

You can't tell from this photo..but this baby was scary! So I may or may not have grabbed my toothbrush, contact lens case and fled the bathroom for the remainder of the night.  I left this guy to mourn his little friend in peace, and hopefully not leave the bathroom so G can bury them at sea (toilet) together when he gets home tonight. It is funny for I like to think I am so grown up and mature, but REALLY....if that spider had  landed on me in the shower I would have made G come home and fumigate the entire house. Urgh, it grosses me out just thinking about it.

My Mum was an awesome spider killer when I was little and freaked out, but I am pretty sure Garret will be the bug killer of the household when we have little ones.


kimberly said...

hahaha... you big whimp!!! (shhh... don't tell anyone - Sarah is the spider catcher in our house)

Garret Shwalsh: Spider Hunter « 6 Centre of the Universe said...

[...] having this issue this time of year?  Do you think they are just all ganging up on me cause of  the bathroom incident? Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this post. Categories: [...]

Not you again | 6 Centre of the Universe said...

[...] everyone remember how traumatized I was by this?  Just to be clear I am still not over it…I can now ad “hyper bug vigilance” to [...]

Julie DeNeen said...

Hilarious. I would be a wimp too though.