Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend was wonderful

We had a great weekend this past weekend and finally got out of our slump! G has been so busy at work the past while that the last thing he feels like doing at home is more construction! Friday night we went out for dinner and to the Leafs game (which they lost...but anyway...) It felt so nice to be out on a date and recharge our batteries I guess you could say. See us in our matchy jerseys (also note this is the only time g has allowed us out in public looking remotely similar)


Then Sat and Sunday we did some cleaning as we were having all the neighbors in for a back yard BBQ on Sunday.( we decided we need to have guests every week it really makes us power tidy) So the back yard is just about ready for Fall and we had a blast getting to know our neighbours better.

This is Wendy our next door neighbour's dog. We LOVE her and hope to get one of her sisters or brothers some day. She was the guest of honor at the BBQ and loved snuggling. After everyone left and we had tidied up we thought we should start to tackle something we had been talking about forever---the chalkboard wall. We had taped it off probably a month ago so what was holding us back!? So I'm attaching some photos of the progression:





We are really happy with how it looks but we need to do another coat with the roller to smooth things out. Maybe this time G will let me paint.....?

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Charlene Boyce said...

I love it you two!!