Wednesday, September 14, 2011


G and I watched Rango last night and had an important discussion.  I have written it up in list form:

Creatures G vetoed me bringing home EVER as pets:

  • Hedgehogs

  • Toads, Frogs or Newts

  • Bunnies

  • Turtles

  • Lizards including chameleons

  • Mice

  • Rats

  • Rodents of any kind (yes including moles)

  • Snakes (didnt really want one so its ok)

  • Fish

He is NO FUN AT ALL.  I am however allowed to have a dog (yay) and one day soon we are going to get a Wiener dog named Gus and our family will be complete...for a while at least.  I am pretty sure he only said yes to a dog in the hopes that it will make me want to wait 3 more years for a baby. (psssst just a secret between us?  It won't work!)

 ***Just saw your comment Mum--no GusGus yet...but one day soon I hope!!!!


Barbara Welch said...

Really?! GusGus is coming?

Not So Wise said...

But rats make the best pets!!! He is NO fun!!!!!

kimberly said...

no fun at all... we love our snake!