Friday, September 2, 2011

Official To do

We are really looking forward to the satisfaction of being able to say “one down” followed by a happy dance in our one finished room. I haven’t run this past G yet, but I just decided that that room will be our kitchen (merely as it requires the least amount of work) Our one wall is prepped and ready for paint–and depending on how much fun we have at the wedding Sunday, might get tackled on Monday. Last week we swapped out the socket covers from dirty white, to a brushed nickel to match the handles/drawer pulls. So all that will be left would be:
*paint chalkboard wall
*remove the old door hardware that has been painted over in the door way
*fill in the holes this will leave
*clean and repaint the white trim
*do a backsplash
*paint and get countertop for our butcher block
*new light fixture (this is a want more than a need)
*cap the top of the cupboards so that the 8″ headspace is no longer a dust depository

Then happy dance….shortly followed by starting a new room to do list!

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