Monday, March 22, 2010

A pointless end

Last week a girl from my hometown killed herself. No one saw it coming, and our community has been jointly reeling in shock since thursday morning. She and I weren't friends, and part of weird guilt I have right now is that I actually didn't really like her. We weren't friends, but as is common in a small town, we ran in the same social circle.
She had always been dramatic and somewhat troubled, but I don't think anyone realized just how fragile she was.
There was a memorial service for her on Sunday, and the space was so packed it was hard to move. I couldn't help but wonder how someone who can feel so alone could fill an entire restaurant with people crying and questioning. I have felt so deeply sad, full of empathy for those she left behind, brother, boyfriend, best friends. They are all irrevocably damaged, such a large piece missing. I can't shake this feeling, I remain in shock and just wanting to tell all those I love just how much they mean to me.
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