Thursday, March 25, 2010

Long week...and now it's Thursday


I should be really excited because after my two classes today I have my term break (all of one week) before my next term starts. But because of the situation last week I was granted an extension on my studio project that was to have been presented on Tuesday. SO....tomorrow instead of relishing in the awesomeness that is no school work, I shall be frantically rendering my floor plans so I can finish off my work. It's just been a strange week--I think I may be a bit depressed (is that like the commercial about being a little bit pregnant?) I just feel somewhat apathetic towards my schooling at the moment. I actually have an art history final tonight and instead of studying last night G and I went out for mojitos. (a WAY better call if you ask me) While I am feeling somewhat "meh", at the same time I really am realizing just how precious life is, and how fleeting. I want to choose to enjoy it as much as possible so I never ever take what I have for granted.

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