Monday, August 10, 2009

To Bang or not to Bang

When I was 14 years old I finished a two year long growing out my bangs fest. At that point I swore I would never ever cut my bangs again. That was in 1994...and to this point I have remained true to my word. Last night my friend Harrison was playing around on the InStyle website where you can give your own photos celebrity hair styles (and makeovers) So here I am...with the Vanessa Hudgens...And I kinda like it.  Maybe even just the colour more so than the bangs. Thoughts? I really like how it looks, but I don't want to HATE my bangs after a week...cause it literally will take me years to grow out.  I love the way they look on other people, but not sure if it's for me. I can't decide!!!


Huckdoll said...

I love the really thick heavy bang. It's the only bang I would consider. Go for it! If you don't like them, buy some cute bobby pins or barrettes and pin 'em back - that's a cute look too :)

Melissa said...

Oooh, I dig the dark colour AND the bangs!!! And Huckdoll is right, you can always pin them back on the days you just don't want to deal with bangs ;)

Melissa said...

PS. You look uber sexy with that hair do. You would never be able to keep G off of you!