Thursday, June 11, 2009



Am having trouble staying positive today. I let down a friend, and she is justifiably upset with me.  Wrote PS I love you after telling me she was frustrated that I was bailing on her tonight....even after she confirmed on Tuesday...I have to bail cause G got upset with me this morning that I had made plans instead of planning on coming to dinner with his mom and bro who are in town for the night.  Feel like I can't do anything right.  The financial aid guy is also mad at me...trying to help me but all this crap with my name being on G's truck is wreaking havoc on my OSAP. I will hardly get any money this year.  Not at all panic inducing. Thought I could quickly take my name off the vehicle however that involves repaying the entire retail tax amount of the truck. Which we already did when G bought it. SO stupid.  Hate the government.  Got invited to a girls night with highschool friends on Saturday night, confirmed, and then found out its another friend (the one I was to hang out with tonight)s going away party. I just feel down today and I hate it. G has been grumpy for the past few weeks as he hates his job...isn't feeling motivated to clean the apartment and I being the queen of passive aggressiveness am just getting more and more upset about it but refusing to deal head on with the situation. ALSO gained back 5lbs..can't seem to make time for working out. Venting isn't helping. sigh

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