Thursday, May 10, 2012

It was definitely worth it!

All the work we did getting the house ready for the shower was so totally worth it. Saturday was an awesome day spent with friends and family and we were totally spoiled!  Erin and the rest of the bridal entourage and mothers put some serious work into organizing a truly beautiful day.  I was pretty overwhelmed to put it mildly.  Garret stuck around for a little bit running some last minute errands and eating some of the snacks and telling me which goodies to make sure to save him for later. He made short work of all the leftover desserts. When I complained he claimed he was doing his part to help with operation wedding dress, however I think he is just obsessed with Ellen Pike's baking. And Megan's chocolate chip marshmallow cookies. And Erin M's crazy gooey skor dip. And Ashley's Kahlua cookies/cool whip stuff...the list goes on. (I may or may not have eaten all of Emma's cheesecake stuffed strawberries and my Mums lemon shortbread thingys...drool)    I think it really drove it home that we are getting married soon weeeeeeeeeeeeeee/

Char and Ashley took a bunch of pictures, but I havent put them all on my computer yet. But here are a few:


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