Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I sense trouble coming....

Many a night before, Garret and I have firmly declared that we will not sleep in past 6am. We will get up and ready with time to spare! Coffee and breakfast will be made at home and we will leave in plenty of time for a stress free commute.

As the alarm begins to blare the next morning, we tend to snuggle up convincing ourselves and each other that snoozing is a far better option. We assure ourselves that we can get ready and leave the house in 7minutes flat. (this is a flat out lie...but we tell it to ourselves daily) Instead of a leisurely morning routine there we are fighting for prime real-estate--the upstairs bathroom mirror. We inevitably leave something behind remembering it as we close in on the city. Items forgotten include: sunglasses, cell phone, lunches, and one memorable morning: one contact lens!
This has all been happening in the spring and summer months. Mornings where at 6 or even before, the sun has started shining in our windows, rays creeping across the pillow causing me to bury my head further into blankets. Fall is approaching! This morning I noticed it was still dark when we finally raced out of bed. This is going to be problematic as the days get shorter and we can find better reasons to keep hibernating in our bed. Maybe I should inquire about the possibilities of working from home a few days a week. Surely no one would know I was answering emails and phone calls from

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Danielle said...

I agree! I have to get out of bed @ 6:30 each morning to get ready for getting the girls up , showered and off to school! Waaah! I wanna sleep in, too, and it's only been 2 days of this school year!!!
Good to hear you're doing well!!