Monday, August 22, 2011

Best laid plans

We had decided that Sunday would be it--the day we finally got around to finishing some of our to do list (frankly at this point I would be happy with starting it!!!!) However we both had a little bit too much fun on Saturday night at a family wedding. The bride looked beautiful and everything was lovely. There were a few drinks, midnight pizza and poutine, a late night dance party, and G, Elliott and Taylor had a 3am swim! (I missed out on that as I went to bed at 2am like the sensible gal I am haha)
I will post some photos as there were a few classic moments for sure--- but I only have 1 on my phone:


My Nanny hit the dance floor and we rocked out to Justin Biebers "Baby" before she retired to drink some beer and people watch.

So Sunday was spent being lazy and eating grilled cheese sandwiches perfectly grilled by my mum. We had ice cream cake for Ashley's birthday and several naps. Nothing got done but it was SO worth it!

***Some additional glimpses of the night:


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