Friday, February 5, 2010

And it's friday....exhale


It's been a study week this week. We have two each term, one to get our mid term projects prepared and one later to work on our finals. I spent a somewhat glorious day at home yesterday reveling in my ADD. I set my alarm each hour and would spend an hour on the computer doing work, and then spend 30 minutes doing housework. SO....I am in a good place right now in that I am on top of my homework and my apartment is looking fairly snazzy.

Tonight shall just be a chill night at home. G and I ordered a pizza...nothing snazzy, just Pizza Pizza, and going to have a beer and watch a movie perhaps? (Crazy right? Our social calendar is just nuts) Tomorrow we are heading to a cottage for Sat-Sunday, a little winter hiking, some board games and good friends. Tis a great way to celebrate my hunny's 26th!

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Maggie May said...

pizza and beer= perfect!