Friday, July 4, 2008

The time does fly (a.k.a catching up)

Wow. So it has been almost two months. It is funny, when I don't post I think about it all the time. Things happen in my life, even funny random little things that I want to be sharing, but then I forget and time marches on and then it's been two months....(in my defense we currently have very sporadic access to le internet)

Lots of Big News:

1) I moved to the city. Yay Toronto. I was temporarily staying with G$ (the boyfriend) however (more big news) last week he asked me to move in with him! As in cease looking for another apartment and stay here...he even suggested I move all my shoes in. This must be love.

2) To go along with #1, I got a job! Not a dream job, but it is better than the stress and perpetual brokeness of unemployment. The people I work with are nice, the company itself is really great to their employees and the work is interesting. I have been there on a contract basis since May 16th, but today my boss told me that it was very likely that they were going to offer me a full time placement in August, also awesome as this affords me some luxuries...such as hopefully more $$$ and benefits. hurrah.

3) I have joined a goal based group lead by my friend Tall Glass of water (if I can remember how to insert link I will do so asap) We are meeting on a bi-weekly basis to discuss our goals and to make plans of action how to attack them. This I LOVE as our first meeting was yesterday and today I feel super kick ass as I have already conquered several of my tasks for our next meeting. yay me.

4) I have developed some career focus. This fall I am going to be taking some college courses for a certificate in psychology. I have decided I want to be a couples counselor or a sex therapist. Thoughts?

5) My birthday is in 8 days. I will be 28. Occasionally that terrifies me as I still feel about 19, but on the whole I am happy about it.

6) The biggest news of all is the one I have been avoiding through the 5 other notes. Last month my mum was diagnosed with Lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes) The doctors gave it a primary staging as Stage 1, but she is going for a bone marrow test and an MRI etc just to be sure. When I think about this too much it feels like my stomach moves into my throat and that I may lose consciousness. I am trying so hard to remain positive and strong, but realizing how much the security of her presence grounds me is outstanding. After losing my Dad the thought of being an orphan at 28 overwhelms me. I know that it is kind of nuts to start panicking about things that are so abstract I can barely comprehend them....but that is how I roll.

I miss blogging. In fact this was added on my goal sheet. To blog more. I think I was worried that G$ will come across it...with my old blog, when my ex started reading it it really took some of the joy away from me. I felt I had to censor myself and that is not something that I want to do here. This is an outlet, it is for me and me alone, so I choose not to let him know I do it, and I will just be better about doing it when I have some alone time.---not being able to blog at work has been a new form of torture for me.

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Lara said...

OH NO on #5! I am so sorry. I will keep you and your mom in my thoughts, and if you ever want to talk, I am here.

As for the other things, they are all wonderful. Woo for city living!

Also, I just saw your "books read in 2008" list. How did you like J-Pod? I almost bought it and then didn't, although I've loved most everything else Coupland has written.