Thursday, March 28, 2013

New Blog Idea

Garret and I have been thinking we should start a new blog. We would call it "Things we have pulled out of our dog's mouth".  It is an ongoing battle lately with this one, who will disregard all toys on the floor and attempt to make off with anything else she can find.  She has also learned to jump up on our ottoman so all of that is fair game as well.

Items recently retrieved include:

* Apple TV Remote

*Hair Elastic

*Clumps of my hair...apparently there are tumbleweeds of the stuff throughout our house...I swear we vacuum

* Underwear



*Any shoe possible

*Random hunks of wood (still unsure where these come from?!) Definitely blaming G for he brings the construction material into the house

*Brick particles (from the wall G is working on)

*bits of plastic

*Lowes Receipt

* A knife with peanut butter on it that I carelessly left on a plate on the ottoman

*Labels from the bottom of our kitchen chairs...she seems to take great joy in ripping them off the bottom of the seat and tearing them to shreds on the carpet


*ANY stick she can find outside

*A (thankfully empty) poop bag

*Egg carton


*Paint Roller

*mouthfuls of green fluff she pulls off her tennis balls

I am sure over the time we own her this list will be greatly added to. Her favourite thing to grab happens to be G's favourite shoes.  She always looks so proud of herself as she prances over to us with one hanging out of her mouth.  We have been putting them on the top shelf of the shoe tray but that girl is determined.


Ashley said...

Ahhhhh dogs.

Tass likes cardboard and socks, but she's also managed to ruin her fair share of slippers and tv remotes. But...she only chews the tv remotes if they are left on the bed (she stays in our room while we're out). If they're on a nightstand? She doesn't touch 'em.


Ways in which Brooklyn is preparing us for parenthood | The Centre of our Universe said...

[...]  She has more toys than she knows what to do with but her fave items are Garret’s shoes and anything we have left within reach (See here) [...]