Monday, September 17, 2012

Changing Perspective

Garret and I have lived together for over 4 years now, and been dating for close to 5.  We share a bank account, vehicles, a house and now a history. He is my person.

I had wanted to get married, but I really didn't think that I would feel any different.  Technically we have been living as husband and wife, and would saying our "I dos" change that?  I didn't think so.  However, the closer we have come to reaching our wedding day I feel the enormity of what we are committing to.  I guess I can't really explain it because I have felt committed to him all this time, but just somehow, vowing in front of our friends and family that we will love and cherish each other forever just seems to make things a bigger deal.  We have been giggling with each other for the past few weeks, referring to each other as "almost husband" and "almost wife"  Somehow I feel that in 5 days it will be really surreal for us to be "actual husband" and "actual wife"  It has been lovely having such a long engagement, we have got to enjoy this stage together...but it just made our wedding feel so far away. I can honestly say that as I am writing this I feel total disbelief regarding our wedding being in Saturday. Surely it is still a few more months away?  I have to say though that I am really happy that I am feeling more excited about the change that is to take place in our lives. I know that even when he is my husband he will still never do the dishes, and he knows that I will still never pull my hair out of the drain...we know that things won't change between us, yet in another way everything will change. How awesome.

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