Thursday, June 21, 2012

Buck and Doe aka now it's 93 days to gooooo

See what I did there? A little rhyming action? Cheesy, but it's good right? aaaand moving on...Last Saturday night we had our buck and doe/ Jack and Jill.  For everyone who isn't from a small town let me explain.  We pretty much had a dance party that acted as a fundraiser for our wedding.  I have been to roughly 500 of them in my lifetime and they are always so much fun! We have been looking forward to this for such a long time I can't believe that it has gone by already.  It was such an amazing night, and felt so good to be surrounded by friends and family drinking, dancing and listening to great live music (our friend's band 'Hewgie and the Dustjackets') We were up until 4:30am--the evening culminated with an impromptu hot tub party at my Mum's place. Thusly Garret and I have been haggard creatures all week. In fact it took until today for me to feel some sense of myself again. I guess that is a sign of getting old? What a great great night



Barbara Welch said...

Best Buck and doe ever. Love you two!!

kimberly said...

looks like you had a blast!!!

Charlene said...

Wonderful time had by all - particularly the mils! Much love!