Friday, December 16, 2011

Less welcome visitor(s)

No more bees as of yet.  But last night I noticed that someone had left us some Christmas pressies in the kitchen.
Oh hey there....I just pooped on your counter
This isn't a pic I took of the little devil...but I like to imagine him looking like this. (I have decided that there is only one mouse in the house and its a boy) All adorable with his eyes just begging for some cheese crumbs. Although picturing it all snuggly like this is going to make it more difficult for me when I make G trap and release him...(yes, release, or at least that is what I will be telling myself. shhhhh) I decided to name him Sneakers cause he clearly is oh so sneaky....and adorable.  Can someone please tell G that mini dachshund's are actually super good mousers and that he should put one in my stocking for Christmas?   That way Gus (my future mini dachshund's name) can catch Sneakers, teach him to poop outside and they can be friends. And we can live happily ever after. With no poop on my counters. Thankyouverymuch!


Pitter patter of little feet | 6 Centre of the Universe said...

[...] some tell tale signs that we had some furry guests back in the house.  Likely relatives of Sneakers who we had to encourage  to move out last year.  We put some anti mouse goodies down over the [...]

A Fetus By Any Other Name Would Be As Fetusy | The Centre of our Universe said...

[...] Gus is making me chubby, a bit brain dead and a huge fan of all things food. Plus G and I have a soft place in our hearts for mice. See here. and Here. [...]