Thursday, February 17, 2011

Farming if you will

As I mentioned the other week I am the recent and proud owner of an iPhone.  I have been good about not downloading an insane amount of aps, in fact I have only paid for 3 so far.  The other day whilst killing time I downloaded "Zombie Farm" (perhaps against my better judgement.  As someone who has been beyond annoyed seeing all the farmville updates on facebook, I can assure you this download was very out of character.  However, I  have become really addicted to it.  I can't actually say why.  Beevs30 asked me today "what does one farm in Zombie Farm"? to which I responded " zombies and produce" (obviously?!) It seems like such a pointless game but I am strangely deriving pleasure from watching my zombies conquer surrounding territories....who have I become?

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