Monday, September 3, 2007

100 Things about me/Things you may or may not care about

:::A work in progress:::
1. I have two tattoos and a bellybutton ring--me thinks I am done on the body modification front.

2. I have some form of reading ADD and tend to have 5 books on the go at once.

3. I would do anything for my friends and family.

4. At 18 I moved to New Zealand for 6 months.

5. I haven't spoken to my biological father in approximately 6 years

6. I am currently going through a divorce.

7. I love to sing in the shower and my car

8. I dream of being brave enough to do karaoke alone.

9. I can admit that right now I have no idea what I want to do when I "grow up"

10. I frequently buy wine based on the label alone.

11. When drunk I tend to think that smoking cigarettes is the best idea after.

12. The next morning I regret said best idea ever.

13. I am obsessed with checking the mail although I don't get many real mail anymore

14. In some ways I still believe in Santa Claus.

15. I think i have a cavity.

16. Finally at 27 I started wearing makeup and doing my hair.

17. Other than brushing it I now have three ways I do my hair. yay me.

18. When I was 5 I accidently knocked my best friends tooth out with a fisher price tape deck.

19. Then I cried harder than she did cause my Mum gave her the last chocolate freezie.

20. I lost my first tooth trying to open a packet of oatmeal cookies with my teeth.

21. I still sometimes worry about being "cool enough"

22. I want a dog really really badly.

23. Cheese is my favourite thing to eat.

24. I love kissing so much it should be a daily mandate in my life.

25. Home is where I am living right now, small town Ontario, I don't want to move away again.

26. Nikon D40 is my new love, I just need to learn how to work it better

27. 2007 is the year in which I finally learned how to cook

28. A psychic recently told me I will marry a man who has a strong connection to the west coast of Canada and I will have two children, let's see how true this ends up being.

29. I have never broken a bone

30. I have named every vehicle I have owned--right now I am driving 'Ruby'.

31. I seem to really procrastinate when it comes to blogging, journalling and other things I love like crazy.

32. I have recently fallen more deeply in love than I ever knew possible.

33. It is with my youngest brothers best friend.

34. Almost 2 years later am still going through a divorce...apparently it takes a lot out of a man to sign papers.

35. On a whim I went back to school for interior design and I love it.

36. Counting the two weddings I will be in this summer /fall (09) I have been a bridesmaid 8 times. and I love it!

37. At 28, the thought of being a parent still freaks me out.

38. Sometimes I worry I should be further ahead in life

39. I love listening to Records.

40. I am exceptionally good at keeping in touch with people.

41. I just bought a truck. who knew I would be a truck kind of girl?

42. I love scrapbooking but I seem to rarely find time to do it.

43. I own about 20 pairs of shoes but mostly wear just my two staples.

44. I am scared of the dark.

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